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::Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu:::Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings::

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu,Bismillah Hirah'manir Raheem.
Allahuma Sali'ala sayidina Muhammadin nabiyil ummi wa 'Ala ali wa sahbihi wa salim,

Our ultimate purpose of this life is to worship Allah alone and to serve Him only. Although so simply put in 16 words, many of us reading this sentence will look at it and think thats so obvious and so easy; but the truth is brothers and sisters, how many times do we keep this in mind? How many times do we understand that this is the ULTIMATE goal of our being on the earth? And if so, then how much are we doing to serve our Lord and reach our purpose? Is it enough?

It's funny how sometimes we get moment where we get into these numinous feelings and we want to yearn more and more for nearness to Allah subhana ta'ala, and you appreciate the wisdom He has put into the way this dunya has been made, it's such a beautiful feeling and you are so speechless and baffled by how Great He is.

At times like these we think about life more in the 'bigger picture' like, Who am I? What is my purpose in this life? What do I need to do? Am I doing enough? Am I doing enough dhikr to gain nearness to Allah subhana wa ta'ala? You feel like you could stay in a moment like this forever and stay in postration to Allah subhana wa ta'ala.

...and then we go back to the state where we forget everything and carry on life as normal, forgetting those all important questions which were popping up into our heads. At times like these we think what happened from the numinous feeling to now? The material aspect of this life brings us away from fulfilling our duty.

From times like these which, occur numerous number of times, we should learn that we should be trying harder to please our Lord and do more and more to serve Him. We should constantly be asking ourselves, Who am I? What is my purpose in being here? If we cannot answer these questions with honest answers and act upon them in this dunya then how will be able to answer the angels in our grave, when they ask us "Mun anta?"(Who are you?)

I'll leave this post with part of Surah Al Qiyam (The resurrection). Allah's words have so much hiqmah (wisdom) in them and through this surah we can understand that we all have a life which we are accountable for and we should all aim to taking extra steps everyday of our lives to gain nearness to Allah subahana wa ta'ala.
75:13 - On that day man is told the tale of that which he hath sent before and left behind.
75:14 - Oh, but man is a telling witness against himself,
75:15 - Although he tender his excuses
75:16 - Stir not thy tongue herewith to hasten it.
75:17 - Lo! upon Us (resteth) the putting together thereof and the reading thereof
75:18 - And when We read it, follow thou the reading;
75:19 - Then lo! upon Us (resteth) the explanation thereof.
75:20 - Nay, but ye do love the fleeting Now
75:21 - And neglect the Hereafter.
75:22 - That day will faces be resplendent,
75:23 - Looking toward their Lord;
75:24 - And that day will other faces be despondent,
75:25 - Thou wilt know that some great disaster is about to fall on them.

May Allah bestow us with mercy and understanding towards His beautiful deen. May He guide us along the straight path so that we may attain His pleasure alone. May He give us the inclination to become Ahlul dhikr (people of Allah's rememberance). May He give us the inclination to answer the questions in our grave with confidence and clear understanding. May He give us the inclination to help ourselves become good people so that we may have bright faces on yaum al qiyamah. Ameen wa thuma ameen.

Please remember this sinner in your humble duaas.

Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabrakatu