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::Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu:::Peace be upon you and the mercy of Allah and His blessings::

Monday, January 23, 2006

Make Up

Assalamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu,Bismillah Hirah'manir Raheem.
I begin in the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Most Merciful.Allahuma Sali'ala sayidina Muhammadin nabiyil ummi wa 'Ala ali wa sahbihi wa salim.

This is a quick post on something I found that was quite funny and something to think about at the same time.

Sisters to be more attractive and beautiful I advise you to use the following:
*For your eyes let lowering your gaze be your Kohl.
*Put some touches of truth on your lips and they will be more beautiful.
*As for your cheek powder or blush use the brand of shyness that is only sold in the shops of Iman and Faith .
*Now to remove any unwanted blemishes or spots of sins or mistakes you suspect just use the soap of Tawbah.
*And to protect your hair from falling and breaking and getting weak protect it by hijab, it's a blessing from Allah on you ,and it also protects you from the poisonous looks of men.
*Now we must look at your accessories :
1-As for your ears,put on the 'earings' of cheerfulness,for it's suitable for all occasions.
2-And for your neck of course we must have something special,which will be the 'necklace' of Shukr which is vivid ,rare and will glitter around your neck like a sparkling star on a dark clear night.
3-For your wrist use the 'bracelet' of humbleness.
4-And your 'ring' should be made of forgiveness.

Those accessories and the make up brands I mentioned are available only at the great Islam bazaar, don't worry which shop to visit because once you start you will never stop.
Take care, and be sure to shop for those brands I guarantee you 100% their success, and one thing ladies- No Refund.

May Allah give us the inclination to become women of taqwa and piety and to attain His pleasure only in all things that we do. May Allah give us the ability to understand His deen more than we already do.Ameen wa thuma ameen.

Please remember me in your duaas.

Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu